Karl Handelsman

Karl Handelsman with the statue of the inventor of motion picture technology.  
This new movie tool was developed to show all four feet of a horse leave the ground at the same time while trotting. It is a good example where the answer to a narrow question leads to 
the invention of a new technology able to create entire industries and economic fortunes.  Even science fiction movies do not capture the role biotechnology will play in solving our biggest problems and creating our most important companies. 

Fundamental research in biology is generating a flood of new tools. This is a great opportunity and challenge.  A talented pool of researchers and entrepreneurs now exists to rapidly capture those rewards building startup companies.  For over 16 years Karl has been a successful investor in early stage biotech companies specializing in pharmaceuticals and synthetic biology. Karl established Codon Capital in 2014 to bring together the stakeholders in early stage biotech company formation to accelerate startup timelines while reducing risk and capital needs. Along the way some select angel investments were also made that have already generated realized returns.

What can we do together?
We are in an incredible age where deeper collaborations and breakthrough technologies allow everyone to  invent the "bio-future".   Visionaries working in academic groups, startups, and large companies are all building new ways to work together so that better, faster, cheaper is the new default in our innovation ecosystem.  

My email is Karl at CodonCapital dot com

Side Projects:
Synthetic Biology for NASA
Home brewing